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Application and brief world info

character name: Tristan Lechelle (born Tristan de la Tremoille, changed when he went in hiding)
oc: n/a

  • Son of his country's Mage Emperor, crown prince of the realm, at least when it was an empire. Which, after the revolution 12 years ago it isn't anymore.

  • Used to be a genius mage for his age, but had that stripped from him by fancy bullshit magic sealing stuff when the empire was overthrown. Fled with his little brother Ariel and went into hiding.

  • Spent a few years trying to live peacefully, fell in love with a girl, found out his little brother was a yan fucking psycho and cue crazy incest hell ride for the next forever

  • Spends pretty much the next decade indulging his psychopathic brother and pretending to be the mage servant of a "normal" person (his brother). His brother joins the police force, deciding to move up in the world and take the country back blah blah god complex

  • Ariel has a partner, Jupiter, who starts investigating incidents caused by Ariel. Tris tries to drive Jupiter away so Ariel doesn't kill him but Jupiter is stubborn.

Born the crown prince Tristan was taught he was a god incarnate. He was a sensitive, empathic child, he was amazing with magic, could do things many accomplished mages struggled with. He especially loved music and composing symphonies and concerts. And he watched people. He saw from a young age that the dichotomy between mage and non-mage was a bad one, that non-mages were badly treated, and he wanted to change things. He never got a chance. When he was ten, a rebellion began, powered by the growing industrial steam powered technologies and mages sympathetic to the non-elite.

After five years the rebellion won the right to call themselves a revolution, overthrowing the emperor and killing him and his wife. Tristan and Ariel were spared for being young, but Tristan was treated to an especially cruel magical sealing that left him scarred and tattooed. with the help of loyal followers he escaped with his brother before the same fate befell Ariel. They went into hiding, Tristan, just fifteen and trying to figure out how to live without everything provided to him, cope with trauma, and take care of his little brother.

They did manage, selling jewels and treasure Tristan had secreted with them. For a few years they dodged the aftermath of the war in a quiet town. Tristan met a girl and fell in love with her. And she with him, despite his status as a branded mage--only nobles or those who fought the revolution had their powers fully sealed, those not executed at least. Those who hadn't joined the cause had limiters placed on their powers, and the few mages remaining in good standing with the new government were not entirely trusted.

The girl, June, was kind to Tristan and he was beginning to see hope in people again, which he hadn't had much of after all the horror of the war and aftermath. But she went missing. He found one of her belongings, bloody, in their home. And when he confronted his brother about it found out that Ariel was quite a monster of a child. He blamed Ariel's disposition on the trauma of everything and stayed with his brother, enabling his bad behavior with silence and lack of opposition--both to Ariel's abuse of himself, and to Ariel's torture of others. After all his brother needed him, and he needed his brother. He settled into keeping everyone at a distance, for their own safety.

Eventually Ariel decided to take his country back, joining the ranks of the police force in the capital city as a detective. While still murdering people on the side for fun. And the detective in charge of checking out those murders, Ariel's partner Jupiter, was clueless.

objective: Making friends--Tristan is in a decade long habit of holding people at bay for their own safety. Being paid and rewarded for making friends isn't even necessary for his desire to, but it will give him an excuse, which he really needs. He will resist it either way but making friends will help give him a support network he hasn't had since he was fifteen.