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Name Tristan Lechelle (de la Tremoille) (downvoted, OC)
Rank Pawn
Living Clubs, Floor ??
Silver ???
Master None. Previously: Ariel Spenly (de la Tremoille) [personal profile] upmoving

PHYSICAL APPEARANCE NOTES He's about 5'11" and slim, in shape but he doesn't move or seem remotely like a fighter. Most notable are his bright electric blue hair and neon pink eyes. Natural! He has a prominent red tattoo on his left cheek and he dresses in a burgundy suit and white shirt, usually a little undone a the collar. His age is hard to hit, somewhere in his twenties maybe, but early, mid or late? (It's late, he's 27, if you're good at ages).
☆ Begging
☆ Being verbally/physically degraded
☆ Play or sing for other people
☆ Corset piercings
☆ Disobedience
☆ Being eaten
☆ Cuddles
★ Make friends
★ Stand up for himself/be assertive
★ Body modification
★ Cock worship
★ Coming without having his dick touched
★ Being cherished
★ Being on his knees for someone
★ Moneyshots (++ facials)
★ Being used
★ Being cherished

If you catch him in the baths, or otherwise naked, red tattoos spiral and connect all across his left side in an intricate design from neck to toe, seeming to "blossom" from his heart area. On his right side are matching, less beautiful scars.

If you are the type to get magical pings, he seems like he should be magical, and powerfully so. The tattoos, however, seem to have cut him off completely from that power. They're not subtle so if you would notice magical power limiters they're really blatantly there, they weren't designed to hide what they do. If you sense any other things, thoughts, past trauma, etc, leave a comment with what you need from me and I'll oblige!

code modified from [community profile] cawaii's original